Junior Tennis

There are four levels in Mira Vista’s Junior Development Program. Take a look at the categories to see where your children fit. Brad Ibbott, Director of Tennis, always suggests taking advantage of his FREE 30 minute tennis evaluation so he can place you in the proper skill level.


Beginning players ages 4 - 6. Emphasis on hand-eye coordination, basic grips, strokes, racquet orientation, bouncing, catching, throwing, hitting and court definitions.

Novice / Quick Start    

Beginning players ages 7 - 12. Emphasis of Beginner Level plus rules, sportsmanship and etiquette.

Mid Cities    

Players have some tournament experience. Emphasis on placement of strokes, footwork, conditioning and strategy. Players have the ability to sustain rallies and construct points during a match.


This player must be at ZAT, Championship or Super Championship level play. This player is part of a team of players who are willing to make sacrifices to succeed. These players show leadership through their actions. Intense work-outs on all aspects of tennis.